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The Simulacrum

The III chapel right of the nave is dedicated since 1884 the Patron Saint Sebastian. The wooden sculpture San Sebastiano, probably created by sculptor Joseph Sarno between 1778 and 1782. Wearing a thong, in red silk embroidered, dating back to the mid-twentieth century, on the dorsal fascia of the same fabric is applied a silver medallion in the shape of a radially from the early years of the nineteenth century.  The eighteenth-century silver shoes made, in 1782, by silversmith Marcantonio Napolitano are finely chiseled edges while the five arrows coeval, also silver, replace the wood of leafed.

SOURCE: From the book by Bernardo Cozzolino: San Sebastiano al Vesuvio: an artistic itinerary and a memory of Gaetano Filangieri