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Posted on Sep 8, 2013

Caritas Parish

Caritas Parish

The parish Caritas is the body set up to animate the parish pastoral, with the goal of helping everyone to live testimony, not only as a private matter, but as a community experience, constitutive of the Church. The very idea of ​​parish Caritas demands, therefore, a parish “faith communities, prayer and love”. This does not mean that there can be no where Caritas “community”, but it is rather invest, the few or the many energies of the parish Caritas in building “faith communities, prayer and love”. As if the community witness of charity was set the goal to be achieved and the means, (or at least one of the means), to build communion. An exercise to practice constantly.

Each parish, that is the face of the Church, concretized its mission around

the announcement of the word
to celebrate the grace
and the testimony of love.

The parish Caritas informs systematically the parish community about situations of greatest need and marginalization, faconoscere groups engaged, presents solidarity initiatives and concrete opportunities commitment to involve an increasing number of Christians, proposes initiatives education for solidarity, promotes different forms of service and volunteer. Coordinates charitable activities of the parish; collaborated in the life of Caritas deanery and gets through in the parish of the proposed initiatives at the diocesan level.

In our parish these are the specific initiatives, matured over the years:

support to needy families in the parish, visiting the sick and needy people, animation at the Park Hospital, structure that houses the sick state terminal;

preparation, four days a week, dinner for the homeless housed at the canteen of the Center Tent of Naples (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday);

preparation, one day a week, dinner for the homeless housed at the canteen of the Missionaries of Charity in Naples (Tuesday);

animation, two days a week, at "The Platform of Solidarity" in Naples (Tuesday and Friday);

animation, two days a week, at "the Institute Don Orione" Herculaneum (Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning);

volunteering at the League for the disabled H three times a week (Monday. Tuesday, and Thursday);

Within the parish Caritas operate volunteers divided into several groups, each with specific tasks.

The oratory parish is run by volunteers and collects boys aged between 8 and the 13 years and meet twice a week for sports training in football always accompanied by prayer.

Another group is interested in the elderly and the sick: The group consists of about 20 volunteers with biweekly they visit about 40 elderly located on our territory. During the year I come with various events held at the center the elderly, as the delivery of socks for Epiphany, the feast of the sick which is held in February on the occasion of the feast of the apparition of BVMaria in Lourdes, and the feast of the elderly held in May.

It also operates a center for listening to the needs.

During the year are carried out activities that are intended to raise funds for the various projects of the parish Caritas.

In January takes place, by the parish Caritas, the "festival do zuffritte, sacicce and friarielle ", Palm Sunday and the Sunday before making a sale of Easter eggs, in May, "the festival of pork" and other initiatives such as peaches charity.

The activities of CARITAS are limited and above do not exhaust the commitment that every Christian has in the family, in the work, in the neighborhood, etc., but are important to stimulate the entire parish community, and then every Christian, to live in accord with the gifts received from God, sharing them with the "brothers".

The new initiatives suggested by the parish Caritas will from time to time presented on the site, also doing that for new proposals and availability if they can talk directly to the parish and the people directly involved.