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Posted on Jan 30, 2015

Chapel S. Vito's S. Domenico

Nine years, St. John Bosco, had a prophetic dream: he seemed to be in the midst of a crowd of children at play, some of which, but, bestemmiavano. John immediately jumped cursing, hitting and kicking to silence them; but here come forward a character who tells: “Not with blows, but with the goodness and love will have to win these friends. I will give you the Teacher under whose guidance you can become wise, and without which, all wisdom is foolishness”. The character was Jesus and Mary Maestra, to whose guidance he gave up all his life and that he honored with the title of “Help of Christians”. So it was that John wanted to learn to be an acrobat, the magician, cantor, Juggling, to draw to itself the companions and keep them away from sin. “If you're with me, said the mother, speak no evil”. We too in our little we saw our dream realized: The Chapel of San Vito!

E 'spent a year since our parish community welcomes, during the day, all the faithful who somehow want to meet Jesus in the Eucharist in silence, in order to live a personal experience. The Lord has chosen a truly welcoming, our chapel of St. Vitus's San Domenico.

The Chapel , veritable jewel box, è un luogo invitante per la preghiera silenziosa ma capiente anche per la preghiera comunitaria. E 'already spent a year gaining our experience before Jesus. For each of us is an unforgettable experience and we all hope in our hearts to be able to continue to live again these moments so intense and various prayer. We are sure that Jesus, wanted us all with him and immediately to give us a full hour or a time of silent meditation and research staff of the interview with him. After this experience, we understood what it meant to get into the boat with Jesus and take off, to make, as He wants, new experiences.
John Paul II said during the International Eucharistic Congress in Seville 1993: "I hope that the result of this conference has resulted in the establishment perpetual Eucharistic adoration in all the parishes and communities of the world". Being with Jesus motivates the choice of the parish pastoral and service to the poor. We ask everyone to intensify in coming months love and devotion to Jesus in the Eucharist and to express courageously and clearly faith in the Real Presence of the Lord. The Adoration is definitely a great service to the poor and to all the brothers. We hope that this will happen more and more for siblings. Worshippers in fact exert a great charity towards their brothers, because they give the opportunity to anyone who enters the chapel, to enjoy the Blessed Sacrament: who loves not only makes guardian but practice charity true, the theological, ie present Jesus in person to those who seek Him.

Reading the apostolic exhortation of Pope Francis, Gospel Joy, the expression 262 could not immediately recall Our Chapel San Vito, our "spiritual lung". The Pope's words urge us to persevere in our experience and in praying. With this prayer many young people and families live service to the poor and canteens with joy and peace!

My heartfelt thanks to the many volunteers who ensure the opening, the closure ,care and decorum of this "House of God". Jesus blesses them and gives him hundredfold! Grazie a tutti coloro vivi o defunti che hanno permesso che questo sogno diventasse realtà. Grazie al Vescovo ed a tutti… nessuno escluso. Indeed devotees, related to our Parish Community of St. Sebastian Martyr in St. Sebastiano al Vesuvio, work with zeal for the care of Chapel with Love, Faith, Hope and Charity true. The parish community, has a place, where silence becomes prayer. Since you are the first, but for us, you're done for ... Last Last to thank you ... You are the first of our Lives ...

Thank you Jesus... we love you more and more!

We wish everyone to make this wonderful experience of prayer.

We love you !

Your priests

Mons. Gaetano Borrelli

Father Enzo Cozzolino