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Posted on Oct 30, 2016

Alerts week,it 29 October 6 November.

1) from Sunday 30 October, the S. Messa serale feriale e festiva è alle ore 18:00. Said time remains until March.

2) This week from Monday 31 October to Sunday 6 November morning and evening Masses will be celebrated in all the Church.

3) Monday hours 20:00 distributing sandwiches and drinks to our homeless brothers and prayer from Heart to Heart Sisters.

4) Tuesday 1 November Solemnity of All Saints hours Masses: 8:30, 10:30, 12:00 e 18:00 ( all in the Church).

5) Wednesday 2 November Commemoration of All Souls Day Mass schedule: 8:30, 11:30(at the cemetery),18:00 e 19:00.

6) Friday The Adoration month: 8:30 S. Mass to follow up the Adoration 12:00; Hours 15:45 Coroncina Divina Misericordia a seguire Adorazione; Hours 17:30 S. Rosario ore 18:00 S. Mass. Hours 20:30 beginning of the way of the beatitudes and Eucharistic Adoration.

7) Sunday 6 November at 19:30 begins the journey of the Ten Words.

8) For those wishing to lend a hand for voluntary activities can give his support directly to Father Enzo. Thanks for your time.

9) Stiamo raccogliendo pasta, olio, caffè, canned goods for needy families and blankets for our brothers homeless.

10) Saturday 19 November from hours 8:00 alle ore 15:00 City Tour in Naples : Churches, Museums etc and pizza together. For info please contact Mrs. Rosaria Lambiase.
11) from 9 to the 12 February Pilgrimage to Lourdes by plane. For further information contact Deacon Pino.
12) There will be two brothers affected by the Way of the ten words that invite you faithful, Sunday 6 November at 19:30 the beginning of the new journey of ten words.