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Posted on Dec 2, 2014

Notice from 1 to the 7 December

Lun 1 Hours 18.00 S. Mass for the souls in Purgatory
Hours 19.00 Prayer "Heart to Heart" (at nuns)
Hours 19.30 Distribution of sandwiches and hot drinks to our brothers homeless
Sea 2 Hours 19.30 LA PAROLA DI DIO
More 3 Hours 19.00 S. Rosary in families
Gio 4 Hours 19.00 S. Rosary in families
Hours 8.30 S. Mass. A seguire Adorazione Eucaristica fino alle 12
Hours 14.50 Coroncina alla Divina Misericordia, followed by Eucharistic Adoration animated
the Crucified Sisters
Hours 19.00 S. Mass
Hours 20.30 Eucharistic adoration for all pastoral workers
Sab 6 Hours 16.30 Liturgy of the Word at Chapel S. Vito (S-presso p.zza. Domenico)
Hours 18.00 S. Evening Messa
Judgment 7 SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT OF CHARITY '. Mercatino fuori Chiesa
SS. Messe hours 8.30 – 10.30 (In Tendostruttura) – 12 – 18
Hours 17.00 S. Mass in the Chapel San Vito with new inauguration altar
Hours 19.00 Way of the Ten Commandments