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Posted on Jan 10, 2013

Gruppo Marta e Maria

Gruppo Marta e Maria

Gv 12,1-8

Marta e Maria sono due donne sempre presenti in casa, elemento che caratterizza la loro condizione di discepolato ossia: discepole della casa. In our community, the group Martha and Mary was formed just about the service that some volunteers wanted to offer to the house of Jesus. It is a group formed by a Trantina of people divided into the days of the week in small groups, They are dedicated to cleaning the church and the adjacent rooms. There are some who takes care of preparing the tablecloth for the table and the altar, those interested in flowers, the plants to ensure that even those who spend only a prayer, you can find the house of the Lord cozy and clean.

May the Lord make you think there are always people who humbly donate their time to the house of the Father.

"Zeal for your house will consume me: such is the program of the biblical group!”