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Posted on Dec 9, 2013




I want to make this gift …once you could say he is the father Enzo, who is nobody, that lineage to cap …now Pope Francis …and ciamma stà !


I say: ciao, sorry, thank you , permission and forgiveness if calling someone I have caused suffering, but before God I did it only for love…

I love you …father Enzo


Dear families!

Good evening and welcome to Rome!

You came pilgrims from many parts of the world to profess your faith at the tomb of St. Peter. This place welcomes you and embraces you: we are one people, with one soul, called by the Lord who loves us and supports us. I also greet all the families that are connected by television and the Internet: a square that spreads without boundaries!

Have you wanted to call this moment "Family, live the joy of faith!”. I like, this title. I listened to your experiences, the stories you've told. I saw so many children, many grandparents ... I felt the pain of the families who live in poverty and war. I listened to the young people who want to get married albeit with great difficulty. And then we wonder: as you can experience the joy of faith, today, in family? But I also wonder: And 'possible to live this joy or not possible?

1. There is a word of Jesus, in the Gospel of Matthew, who comes to us: «Venite a me, all you who are weary and oppressed, and I will give you rest " (Mt 11,28). Life often is exhausting, many times even tragic! We heard recently is ... Working hard; look for work is hard. And finding a job is asking so much effort! But what matters most in life is not this: what matters most of all these things is the lack of love. Weighs not receive a smile, not be met. Weigh certain silences, sometimes in family, between husband and wife, between parents and children, between brothers. Without love the effort becomes heavier, intolerable. I think of the elderly living alone, to families who are struggling because they are not helped to support those in the house you need special attention and care. "Come to me all you who are weary and burdened", dice Gesù.

Dear families, The Lord knows our labors: He knows! And he knows the burdens of our lives. But the Lord also knows our deep desire to find the joy of dining! Remember? Jesus said: "Your joy will be complete" (Gv 15,11). Jesus wants our joy may be full! He said to the Apostles and repeats to us today. So this is the first thing that I want to share with you tonight, and it is a word of Jesus: Venite a me, families around the world – dice Gesù – and I will give you rest, that your joy may be full. And this word of Jesus take it home, take it in the heart, share it in family. It invites us to come to Him to give us, to give everyone the joy.

2. The second word I take it from the rite of Marriage. Those who marry in Sacramento says: "I promise to be always faithful, in joy and sorrow, in sickness and in health, and to love you and honor you all the days of my life ". The bride and groom at that time do not know what will happen, do not know what joys and sorrows which await them. Leave, like Abraham, They are setting out together. And this is marriage! Starting and walk together, hand in hand, relying on the big hand of the Lord. Hand in hand, always and throughout life! And do not pay attention to this culture of provisional, It cuts life to pieces!

With this trust in God's faithfulness tackling all, fearless, with responsibility. Christian couples are not naive, They know the problems and dangers of life. But they are not afraid to take on their responsibility, before God and society. No escape, without becoming isolated, without sacrificing the mission of forming a family and give birth to children. – But today, Father, it is hard… -. sure, it is hard. For this it needs the grace, the grace that gives us the Sacrament! The sacraments not serve to decorate life – but what a beautiful wedding, that beautiful ceremony, that good party!... – But that's not the Sacrament, that is not the grace of the Sacrament. That is a decoration! And grace is not to decorate life, It is to make us stronger in life, to make us brave, to go ahead! Without becoming isolated, always together. Christians get married in Sacramento because they are aware they need it! They need to be joined together and to accomplish the mission of parents. "In joy and sorrow, in sickness and in health ". So they say the couple in their marriage and in the Sacrament and pray together with the community. Why? Why do you use so? No! They do it because they need it, along for the ride they have to do together: a long journey that is not broken, lifelong! And they need the help of Jesus, to walk together with confidence, to welcome each other every day, and forgive each day! And this is important! In families know how to forgive, because we all have flaws, all! Sometimes we do things that are not good and do harm to others. Have the courage to say sorry, when family wrong ...

Some weeks ago, in this square, I told him to carry on a family you need to use three words. I want to repeat.Three words: permission, thank you, sorry. Three keywords! We ask permission to not be intrusive in family. "I can do this? You like me to do this?”. The language of asking permission. We say thanks, thanks for the love! But tell me, how many times a day you say thanks to your wife, You and your husband? How many days go by without saying the word, thank you! It's the last one: sorry. We all make mistakes and sometimes you offend someone in the family and marriage, and some times – I say – fly dishes, They say strong words, but feel this advice: not end the day without peace. Peace draws every day in the family! "Excuse me", here, it starts again and again.Permission, thank you, sorry! We say together? (reply: "Yup!”) Permission, thank you and excuse me! Let these three words in family! Forgive every day!

In life family experiences many beautiful moments: the rest, lunch together, Output in the park or in the countryside, a visit to grandparents, a visit to a sick person ... But if love is lacking lacking joy, missing the party, and love always gives it to us Jesus: He is the inexhaustible source. There Him, in Sacramento, He gives us his word and gives us the Bread of Life, that our joy may be full.

3. And finally, here in front of us, this icon of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. It's really beautiful and important icon. Contempliamola and let us find help from this. As you all, also the protagonists of the scene have their way: Mary and Joseph are months running, Pilgrims in Jerusalem, in obedience to the law of the Lord; even the aged Simeon and the prophetess Anna, well very old, come to the temple were moved by the Holy Spirit. The scene shows us this combination of three generations, the interweaving of three generations: Simeon is holding the baby Jesus, which he recognizes the Messiah, and Anna is portrayed in the act of praising God and proclaim salvation to those who waited for the redemption of Israel. These two elderly represent faith as memory. But I ask you: "You listen to the grandparents? You open your heart to the memory that give us the grandparents? Grandparents are the wisdom of the family, They have the wisdom of a people. And a people that does not listen to grandparents, It is a people that dies! Listen grandparents! Mary and Joseph are the Family sanctified by the presence of Jesus, which it is the fulfillment of all the promises. Each family, like that of Nazareth, It is inserted in the history of a people and can not exist without the previous generations. And so today we have grandparents and children. Children learn from grandparents, from the previous generation.

Dear families, you too are part of God's people. Walk with joy with this people. Always remain united to Jesus and carry it to all your witness. Thank you for coming. Together, we make our own the words of Saint Peter, that give us strength and will give us strength in difficult times: "Mr., to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life " (Gv6,68). With the grace of Christ, experience the joy of faith! The Lord bless you and Maria, Our Mother, protect you and accompany you. Thank you!



France if gruoss !