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Posted on Jan 8, 2013

Way Ten Words

Way Ten Words

The path of 10 Parole It is driven by our pastor Don Vincenzo Cozzolino and meetings are held Sunday at 20:00 at the Shrine. The analysis and the argument of each command, with appropriate biblical insights, lasts eight meetings that conclude with the "scrutatio", particularly when the individual with the Word, and with the "collation", time sharing. Some stages of this journey are punctuated by retreats more days. The total duration of the course is one year and a half with the intention of giving a very first ad, eliminating false ideas about God, man and his idols to get to have a true and authentic relationship with God and with brothers. This journey has involved not only the youth of the community, but also adults of all ages. It is not exclusive to our parish community, but welcomed many people from other communities and anyone who wanted to participate. It 'a path that is spreading so much from the point of view of individual, Consequently, Community.

Many of our young people have engaged in various voluntary activities, and service and this helps us to grow together and in Jesus.

It journey with joy and sometimes checks a bud waiting fruits!