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Posted on Mar 1, 2020

Weekly alerts from 1 to the 8 March

*1) *Sunday First Sunday of Lent S. Messe hours 8:30, 10:30 (in tent), 12:00 e 18:00.

*2) *They keep the Blessings of families: you will find the flyer posted Parish indicating the day when we will pass by Blessing.

*3) *Monday at 8:30 continue the Great Monday of Madonna dell'Arco.
Hours 18:45 preghiera Cuore a Cuore dalle Suore e ore 20:00 Santo Rosario.
Hours 20:00 distributing blankets and sandwiches to our brothers homeless

*4) *Martedì ore 19:15 meeting on the Word of God on Sunday for all adults in the Church

*5) *Mercoledì ore 18:00 Mass for all the "Sons of Heaven", youth died prematurely. Please invite all parents who have lost a child. We are waiting to pray together

*6) *Friday First Friday of the month. Hours 8:30 Mass, to follow up the Eucharistic Adoration 10:00. Hours 16:30 Chaplet of Divine Mercy, to follow Eucharistic Adoration, hours 17:15 Santo Rosario, a seguire Via Crucis ed alle ore ore 18:00 Mass. Hours 20:00 Adorazione Eucaristica e incontro gruppo giovani.

*7) *Saturday 7 March guided tour to the archaeological excavations of Pompeii. For info and reservations contact Deacon Pine or Mrs. Rosaria Lambiase.

*8) * from 27 to the 31 August 2020 pilgrimage to Lourdes. Per info rivolgersi al diacono Pino