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Posted on Oct 17, 2018

Weekly Alerts

1)This Sunday hours 18:00 I meet young couples Pino led by the deacon, and Luigi and Maria married at the home of Louis and Mary.

2) Monday hours 19:45 preghiera “Cuore a cuore” dalle Suore ed ore 20:00 distributing sandwiches and drinks to our poor brothers.

3) Martedì ore 19:45 La Parola di Dio per tutti gli adulti in Chiesa. Non Mancare.

4) Giovedì ore 17:00 Adorazione Eucaristica animata dalle Suore. Hours 19:00 S. Messa e I incontro con l’associazione Medici Cattolici.

5) Sunday 21 October from 9:00 all 18:00 retreat in Giugliano at the Franciscan Convent for young people from 18 years up with Sr. Marisa. We will go with a free bus. For info and reservations contact Paola, Peppe or Valentina.

6) Anyone who wants to give their availability for the various voluntary services in church or service to the poor or the elderly, contact Father Enzo directly. Grazie di Cuore.

7)For those who can need pasta, olio e generi di prima necessità per le tante famiglie che aiutiamo. You can take them directly to the church. Grazie per la vostra generosità.

8) Sunday 18 November at 19:15 resumes the journey of 10 comandamenti (dai 18 year old). Word of mouth.