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Posted on Jun 6, 2016

Alerts week,it 4 all’ 11 Giugno.

1) Monday to Friday from 17:00 all 18:45 We collect the registrations for the Summer Oratory to be held from 3 to the 17 Luglio.

2)Monday at 20:00 Preghiera "Cuore a Cuore" last meeting with the nuns and distributing sandwiches and drinks to our poor brothers, that is not interrupted.

3)Martedì ore 19:45 Incontro "La Parola di Dio" per tutti gli adulti. Non mancare.

4)Saturday 11 July Pilgrimage in Afragola at the S Sanctuary. Antonio. Programma: departure hour 16:30 outside the Church. Per info rivolgersi alla Signora Cira. This Saturday there will be the liturgy of the Word in the Chapel of S. Vito's S. Domenico, to enable participation in the Pilgrimage.

6) 1-5 September pilgrimage to Lourdes by plane. For info contact Deacon Pino.

7)Stiamo raccogliendo pasta, olio, caffè, scatolame, for families.