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Posted on Mar 19, 2016

Alerts week,it 20 to the 27 March

1)Sunday 20 Palm Sunday. Hours 9:15 Meeting in the parking lot in front of the Church, benedizione delle Palme e processione Via Roma, Piazza Belvedere, Via Matteotti, Republic square, Via Falconi, tent where high school will follow the Mass. Domenica ore 16:00 meeting young couples by the Sisters of St. John Antide in Via San Martino in San Giorgio a Cremano.

2)Monday at 8:00 Closing Mass of the Great Monday of Madonna dell'Arco. Siete invitati a partecipare. Hours 19:45 distributing sandwiches and drinks to our poor brothers.

3)Martedì ore 19:30 Penitential liturgy. Non Mancare.

4)Wednesday hours 10:00 S. Mass of Solidarity to binary.

Pasquale Triduum

5) Thursday hours 19:00 S. Solemn Mass in coena domains with the washing of the feet.

From 22:30 all 23:30 Adoration animated by young people.

6) Venerdì ore 10:00 Prayer with the children of the first year of catechism.

Hours 11:00 Prayer with the children in the second year of catechism.

Hours 12:00 Prayer with the guys in the post-communion.

Hours 18:30 Liturgy of the Passion to follow Via Crucis: Via Roma, Piazza Belvedere, Via Matteotti, Via of Olives(Mail), Via Margherita and return to Church.

Hours 22:30 Adoration of the Cross.

7)Sabato ore 23:00 Solemn Easter Vigil.

8)Sunday 27 Easter Resurrection Mass schedule: 8:30, 10:30(tendostruttura liceo); 12:00 e 19:00. From this Sunday evening mass has moved to weekday and holiday hours 19:00.

9) 4-10 Settembre pellegrinaggio a Lourdes. Per info rivolgersi al Diacono o alla Signora Rosaria Lambiase.

10) Monday 25 Aprile Pellegrinaggio a Montevergine – Pietrelcina. Per info rivolgersi alla Signora Cira.

11) Stiamo raccogliendo pasta, olio, caffè, scatolame per le famiglie bisognose.

12) Saturday 2 April entire day of fraternity.

Youth program: hours 9:00 Departure. Bring your car and a rustic and soft drinks. For info Seek Antonio Paparo, Anna and Stephen.

Adults program: hours 9:00 Departure. Bring your car and a rustic and soft drinks. Per info rivolgersi alla Signora Cira, Sofia and Coverage.