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Posted on Nov 14, 2016

Alerts week,it 13 to the 20 November.

1)Domenica ore 18:00 young couples meeting at the home of Louis and Mary led by Deacon Pino and the spouses Luigi and Maria. Hours 19:30 path of the Ten Words.

2) Da Lunedì 14 to Friday 18 Holy Mass in the morning and evening will be celebrated by the Sisters.

3) Monday hours 20:00 distributing sandwiches and drinks to our homeless brothers and prayer from Heart to Heart Sisters.

4) Martedì ore 19:30 encounter God's Word for all adults. Non mancare.

5) Giovedì ore 19:00 S. Rosary at the Family Francesca Pistone's Colonial Cangiano.

6) Venerdì ore 16:30 the group meeting Sisters P. Pio: Segreteria, Marta e Maria, Supervision and chapel volunteers S. Vito's S. Dominic nuns.

7) Sunday 20 November Solemnity of Christ the King and conclusion liturgical year. Hours Masses: 8:30; 10:30 ( tent Liceo); 12:00 e 19:00.

Hours 9:30 Meeting outside the church to follow Procession: Via Roma, Piazza Belvedere, Via Matteotti, Republic square, Via Falconi and arrival at the tent of the Scientific High School to follow Holy Mass.

We will live an afternoon of fraternity with all the young. Meeting in the Church. For info or ask Luisa Sonia. Dopo la S. Am Mass 12:00.Non Mancare.

8) For those wishing to lend a hand for voluntary activities can give his support directly to Father Enzo. Thanks for your time.

9) Stiamo raccogliendo pasta, olio, caffè, canned goods for needy families and blankets for our brothers homeless.

10) Saturday 19 November from hours 8:00 alle ore 15:00 City Tour in Naples : Churches, Museums etc and pizza together. For info please contact Mrs. Rosaria Lambiase.